Ainol Novo 10 Hero Official Firmware (1115)

Ainol Novo 10 Hero Official Firmware (1115)


Ainol has recently released the new firmware versions for the Hero, Kindly find the details below:

1) Changelog

1) Updated: G-Sensor Issues

2) Updated: battery charge and discharge.

3) Updated: Tablet hang issues

4) Updated : WiFi signal improvements

2) Download:

3) Update Instructions:

7 Comments To "Ainol Novo 10 Hero Official Firmware (1115) "
Naganathan - 28/02/2013

I just received Hero tab. It is very impressive & it is awesome clarity. But Do I need to update...? or it is updated one. Build number is 21219. please tell me for updating the tab. Thanks alot & Thanks in advance.
mastiandroid5 - 27/12/2012

@shoukat - yes, you can upgrade. You have a number of firmware options. Check the Ainol tablets section on the slatedroid to locate the ROM that you want to upgrade to.
shoukat - 20/12/2012

my firmware version is 20121115v2 , may i upgrade it?
mastiandroid5 - 18/12/2012

Upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.2 (Cyanogen Mod 10.1) Hi Ainol Hero users/fans - The latest Jelly bean 4.2 is now available for your Ainol Hero-10 via the CM10.1 ROM made available by Christian Troy at Slate Droid. The ROM and the associated files are available on the original post here: The interface is very smooth and you get to see some of the new features of JB4.2 like Daydream, lock-screen widgets, multi-user functionalities and so on. If you have any queries after installing the ROM, you can post on the CM10.1 thread for the Hero tablet: Flash this new CM10.1 ROM and enjoy the JB4.2 experience in addition to Cyanogenmod features.
mastiandroid5 - 15/12/2012

You already got detailed instruction on slatedroid forum: Hope you could get it to work.
shijo - 05/12/2012

Hello mastiandroid5.... Please let me know how to update to Cm10 firmware...thanks
mastiandroid5 - 03/12/2012

I have tried CM10 firmware on the Ainol 10 Hero tablet and it works amazingly well. It is complete English firmware with first boot guided setup as well. Do give it a try. The link for the same is here: Best wishes! MA5

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